Bangalore International Airport Terminal Architectural Design

Due to a significant increase in overall passenger traffic, Dorsch Consult Ing. mbH was tasked with providing Bangalore International Airport, Ltd. (BIAL) with an alternative terminal layout which would accommodate the additional capacity of passenger traffic. Upon completing preliminary design services, Detailed Design documents were prepared which included the preparation of complete architectural design documents sufficient for tender bidding.

The new terminal layout provided for Bangalore International Airport includes 4 levels and a total area in excess of 65,000 m². The terminal includes 8 contact stands and is capable of handling 11.3 million passengers annually. The terminal allows for modular expansion to accommodate further traffic enhancements.

Services rendered specifically by JWG, Inc. for Dorsch Consult Ing. mbH included:

  • Preparation of Terminal Verification Report which included the preparation of a Terminal Space Program which provided new space requirements and included a comparison to the existing areas.
  • Recommendations were outlined for expanding the terminal and adapting it to the new Traffic Forecast. Overall terminal design was enhanced to better facilitate passenger through the passenger terminal while providing an enhanced level of passenger service.
  • Architectural preliminary design drawings were prepared and outlined various options for expanding the terminal to meet the new traffic requirements.
  • Presentations and preparation of technical reports were provided to Bangalore International Airport, Ltd.
  • Preparation of complete architectural detailed design documents which included the preparation of outline specifications, floor plans, elevations and sections.