Khartoum New International Airport

GHS Heritage is developing a new greenfield airport envisioned to relieve the capacity of existing Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos. The project consists of a new airport capable of handling up to 30 million passengers annually and 900,000 tons of cargo.
The overall airport development project includes a new railway station, retail center, hotel, aircraft maintenance facility, cargo terminal, general aviation terminal and all necessary airport support facilities anticipated to meet the aviation needs until the year 2040+.

Services completed by JWG. included:

  • Data Collection.
  • Preparation of a peak-hour analysis to evaluate the aircraft fleet mix and peaking characteristics for all scheduled international and domestic flights estimated to utilize GIA.
  • Preparation of a detailed terminal space program which established the facility requirements of the terminal and outlined all functional spaces and equipment required for the passenger terminal. Terminal space requirements were prepared on an annual basis from the year 2011 through 2040+.
  • Preparation of Schematic Design Concepts illustrating various terminal design alternatives for developing the terminal, airside apron and curbside area.
  • Development of Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) costs for each proposed concept.
  • Preparation of architectural conceptual design documents illustrating the functional layouts for all floor levels.
  • Terminal phasing plan for 5 development phases: 2015 - 4 mio. PAX, 2019 - 9 mio. PAX, 2029 - 15 mio. PAX, 2039 – 22 mio. PAX and 2040+ - 30 mio. PAX
  • Preparation of a Terminal Development Report which outlined the various terminal, airside and landside development phases and design methodology.